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conquered their money fears and live their Awesome.

Let’s face it, finances can be intimidating, even for the most independent and stubborn. Enter Garrett.

His grounded, humorous, and wise approach helps you forget any insecurities you have about admitting you don’t know where the heck your money is going or how to hunt it back down — and leaves you with the potent dose of confidence you didn’t know you needed to really know what it means to be in charge of your own financial reality.

Even if you’re already awesome, might as well not be broke.

Jolleen Wagner

2nd Grade Teacher

I was referred to Be Awesome Not Broke by a financial advisor who frankly yet tenderly told me that I was not ready to be her client. I had liabilities and money-relationship issues that needed attention before she and I could work together. In short, I needed a money coach.

Once I spoke to Garrett I felt that his services and approach would prove valuable. He helped me delve into understanding the what and why of my spending, the cycle of indebtedness that I inherited, the role I played in exacerbating the debt that was wreaking havoc on my marriage and my self-esteem.

Working with Garrett helped me align my values with my spending. He coached me on how to have constructive and confidence-building discussions with my husband around money, and define the legacy that I want for my two young daughters. His passion for helping clients reflect, articulate, align and practice one’s values as they relate to money, spending and saving does make one feel awesome!

 I would recommend BANB to anyone who feels hopelessly lost about how to get out of debt or just wants to enrich their quality of life as it relates to financial success.

Leah Bennis

Senior Manager, BioMarin Pharmaceutical

I had secretly dug myself into a 100k+ hole of debt and had a complete emotional breakdown. Garrett saved my sanity by reteaching me what ‘normal’ spending looks like, how to want to save, and to focus on the future instead of closing my eyes to it. 

I never considered him a coach; he was my money psychiatrist. I was so emotional and paralyzed. I truly believed there was nothing that could be done and nowhere else I could save money. I was super wrong.

Over the course of a few months, he got me from where I was borrowing at least $1000 every month to cover expenses to SAVING $400. This was the foundation I needed to handle better fortune maturely. When my salary improved and when I was able to get a great deal on a new apartment, I didn’t go right back to blowing everything I was making. I had developed healthy habits, set up really easy to stick to budgeting, paid down some of my debt and put aside money for emergencies.

I’m now saving thousands of dollars every month. I couldn’t have dreamed of the happiness and pride I can now feel about my money. He even helped me merge my finances with my husband from whom I had hidden all my problems before. We work together now and we never argue about money.

Will Larche

Software Engineer, Google

“I was always afraid to open up my bank account. I would fear facing the numbers, and so put budgeting off. But when I kept getting into tight financial situations, that’s when I knew I had to break the cycle.

Luckily a friend of mine recommended Garrett, and my mindset has been changed ever since. His nonjudgmental, supportive and knowledgeable approach made addressing my financial picture that much easier. Plus it was a double bonus that he put me at ease with a great sense of humor and plenty of laughter to go around.

I have made steady progress on reversing a vicious paycheck to paycheck cycle and found confidence and a joy with budgeting I never knew I could have.”

Isang Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist & Running Coach, On Point Sports Care

“If you’re serious about making a change, Garrett is your guy. He quickly went from budget teacher to friend to life coach of sorts.

I now have numbers that I can look at each month that give me muuuuch needed confidence (or ass-kicking) about how much I’m spending on certain things.

It makes it so much easier to make decisions about what to cut and what to spend more on. I’m grateful to my core for my decision to invest the money upfront in our work.”

Florian Koenigsberger

Marketer, Google

“This is for someone who needs the wool pulled off their eyes.

I found examining my past spending and going through my budget with a fine-tooth comb to be the most eye-opening and helpful part of this experience. I’m most excited to feel hopeful again about getting out of debt and knowing I can do it.

Our generation needs to think about our future selves and not be so stuck in the now. Garrett’s program helps the “now” not feel so scary!”

Erica Ryan

Senior Manager & Pineapple Enthusiaist

Being a New Yorker, it’s easy to spend all of your money on fun and entertainment without putting any away towards your personal goals.

I chose to work with Garrett specifically to reach these big financial milestones which never really felt intangible. In working with him I’ve successfully built (and kept) new habits aimed at getting more happiness from my hard-earned New York dollars.

I now save 30% of my income while maintaining the same quality of life as I did when I was saving almost nothing. I bought an apartment. Garrett and I set goals together, we work them together, and we celebrate the small and big wins together.

Some mountains are best scaled with a sherpa. Find your guide; mine is this guy.

Christian Holslin

Data Architect

I started working with Garrett because I wanted to be more intentional with my budgeting / finances (I know, I know… I’m MUCH better with everyone else’s numbers than my own!).

My biggest takeaways were re-establishing my financial priorities and having tangible action steps after each meeting. Once we dug in to my values and long term goals, my financial to-dos changed from those that I’d started with. I realized that I was already doing some of the things I felt guilty about not doing “enough” of. It turns out that I had never stopped to think about what “enough” meant until we got to talking.

I was able to let go of that guilt and refocus my energry toward accomplishing newer and more meaningful goals. I have to admit I was hesitant to start the program because I’m pretty analytical and it emphasizes not just budgeting/finances but emotions, behaviors, and habits. But after participating I was thankful I did – it truly was money well spent.

Lindsay Miller


“Garrett is a down-to-earth, brilliant, fun money coach to work with.

He will help you achieve money goals you thought were hard or impossibleMy wife Annesa recently jumped for joy when she saw our House Downpayment account balanceThat’s a first! 

The accountability he provides helps his clients live abundant and Awesome lives.”

Pete Saunders

Life Coach, Co-Founder of BraveHeart Men's Movement


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